Smart Consultancy & Coaching is able to support organisations through a consultative and/or mentoring approach, in the development of services, new initiatives, project delivery and the development of specific resources.

Our approach is aimed at improving the quality, congruence, relevance and effectiveness of service, especially at the point of delivery.

This service can be provided to organisations such as Education Departments e.g. advisory services, schools and Foundation Phase/Stage settings. Consultancy can be:

  • Project specific
  • General service development and delivery improvement
  • Identification and implementation of effective support for children with Special Educational Needs
  • Identification of training needs relating to professional development
  • Resource development (click here to see some examples)

Consultancy work usually begins with an initial consultation day where specific goals and objectives and ongoing means of support are identified. Each package is tailor-made to suit circumstances and organisational need.
If you have any requirements or queries, please contact us.


Often organisations have an idea or set of objectives of their own or have received external training but struggle with how to apply them within their environment.
Smart Consultancy and Coaching can facilitate this process on a needs-led basis and structured in a manner to suit the individual organisation/setting. By working with your staff, we can help to build the individual and organisational strengths and identify areas for development.

We find our training programmes are often even more successful when followed up by a mentoring programme.

In addition to mentoring for organisations, Smart Consultancy and Coaching is able to offer individual coaching for personal and professional development.
For further details on how this can work for you, please contact us.

Examples of Consultancy Work

Baban on the Move
This resource was developed within the context of the multi-agency Flying Start programme at Newport reflecting the importance of physical development which is embedded in the Birth to Three Framework and the Foundation Phase. It aimed to:

• Offer a practitioner led, flexible and practical resource which supports and monitors the physical skills development of children from 1 – 2 years of age as well as support practitioners working in the Flying Start child care settings to enhance physical play opportunities.

• Provide a mechanism which engages and encourages parents and carers to support their children’s physical skills development.


Busy Bodies resources

Busy Bodies

This project was developed to engage parents and carers in developing physical skills development of children age 2 – 3 years. An activity bag was designed to accompany a set of games which could be used at home. This project was developed in conjunction with the Access and Inclusion Service and Flying Start Project, Bridgend County Borough Council.


SpacekraftSpacekraft Multi-Sensory Learning Catalogue 2009

Smart Consultancy and Coaching contributed to the catalogue and product development as well as workforce development training in the area of special needs. See


Special Direct
Over the past four years, Smart Consultancy & Coaching has worked closely with Special Direct in developing products to support children with co-ordination difficulties. See Examples of resources include:


Nasen book award winner

Fine Motor Skills Box
Runner up NASEN book awards for inclusive classroom
resources 2007

•	Fine Motor Skills Box


Get a grip pack

Get a Grip (pencil grip resource pack)


Portable writing slopePortable Writing Slope