Set up in 2005, Smart Consultancy and Coaching Ltd was originally formed to offer a service for children with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD)/Dyspraxia and related Special Educational Needs and to support their families/carers. As a result of the success of our practical approach, the service has been extended to provide support for education and health practitioners and related organisations.

Our emphasis on practical aspects of our services is a continual thread through all our activities as we recognise the value of empowerment and the impact this can have on the lives of children and young people with DCD/Dyspraxia.


Sharon is a highly experienced independent Education Consultant, trainer and author. With over 30 years of working with children as an Occupational Therapist, Sharon has trained extensively throughout the UK and abroad, published several books and written articles for professional journals. She now works predominantly within the education sector, advising and training on a wide range of subjects relating to physical skills development and special educational needs.

Sharon is passionate about developing and enabling teaching and early years practitioners to identify and support those children who learn differently, and is much sought after for her dynamic and entertaining presentation style, practical approach and expert knowledge in her field.

In response to meeting the needs of children with motor co-ordination difficulties, Sharon has devised and published an inclusive movement programme called Smart Moves, for use with primary age children, as well as a creative activities resource book called Movers & Creators for children age 3-7 years to promote physical skills development. Sharon has also written a number of other books and resources to support practitioners and parents. See Book Resources

Sharon is a member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and registered with the Health & Care Professions Council.