Full assessment with tailored strategies and advice

A full battery of standardised and non-standardised tests will be administered in order to be able to draw or contribute to a diagnostic conclusion where appropriate / possible. A comprehensive report and recommendations will be provided which will include individualised strategies and advice for use at home and at school in relation to the issues raised during the assessment.

Schools skills assessment (School based)

This service allows the consultant to assess the individual within the education environment.
It includes:-

  • Classroom observations to consider how the individual copes with a range of curriculum subjects, play and social skills
  • When appropriate, individualised assessment using standardised and non-standardised tools to explore areas of concern identified from previous information and during the visit
  • Advice to teachers and Learning Support Assistants on activities to help the individual, related where possible to the National Curriculum
  • Contribution to goal planning for Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)
  • Advice on how to make the environment more accessible for the individual, such as using computers and other equipment
  • Liaison with local agencies, such as advisory teachers, local therapists and Educational Psychologists, as required.
  • Discussion and advice arising from the school visit, together with a full report of findings sent to the parents / carers / referring agencies.
  • Following this initial assessment the consultant, if appropriate, will be able to offer a school-based support service on a predetermined basis.